Free Invision Power Board Chat

Free IPB Chat Module for 123 Flash Chat 7.6

Free IPB Chat Module for 123 Flash Chat 7.6: Add full-featured free live chat room for IPB, text + video chat room of IPB Chat is a feature rich and high performance Java chat server with an amazing Flash chat client! It`s a fast, easy and affordable way to host and manage real-time communication. Features of the Free Invision Power Board Chat: 1) It can display following data in Invision Power Board: * Connection number * Logon user number * Chat room number * Chatter name list in all rooms. 2) Auto-login. Once logged in Invision Power Board, users

Invision Power Board Chat Module 2.0: Add a live chat room to Invision Power Board, full-featured and users integrated
Invision Power Board Chat Module 2.0

Invision Power Board? Firstly a chat button will be added to the top menu of the Invision Power Board as the chat room entrance. After installing the module, the Invision Power Board user database will be automatically immigrated to the chat room and auto-login will be enabled. Therefore Invision Power Board users may click the "123FlashChat" button or directly choose a chat room to enter, without being asked to login again. Enter Invision Power

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IPB Message Checker 1.8.1

powered by Invision Power Board engine. Want to take part in some forum`s topic but don`t want to spend much time to check discussion board very offten? There is a solution - IPB Message Checker ! It will check the discussion board periodically and inform you about new posts marked as unread. So you can save your time and just ignore some uninteresting subjects without viewing the discussion board in internet browser. Have different notifications

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Fass 0.8: Fass is a forum post editor & automated post generator.
Fass 0.8

Fass is a (f)orum (ass)istant, providing an enhanced, offline alternative to the post editor in forum software and an automated, template-based post generator. Features include: saving/loading drafts, post preview, 100 level undo/redo, menu and colour customisation, branding options for webmasters and much more. Originally designed for use with Invision Power Board, Fass uses standard bbcode that is compatible with most forum software.

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Forum Poster V2 2.9: Post any message you want to over 20000 forum boards in just minutes.
Forum Poster V2 2.9

boards in just minutes. The current version can post to 1. phpBB Forum Boards from version 2.0.0 to 2.0.22 ( 2. phpBB 3.0 "Olympus" Beta 5 ( 3. Invision Power Board ( 4. Snitz Forums 2000 ( 5. vBulletin 3 ( 6. Simple Machines Forum ( Forum Poster automatically register a user with the

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Power PC Keylogger 2012 10.29: PC Keylogger, Facebook use, email, chat, keyboard, password monitoring.
Power PC Keylogger 2012 10.29

Power PC Keylogger is a powerful yet easy-to-use product for one to monitor your kids` Facebook and computer use, catch a cheating spouse, check your employees` work in office and any one who wants to collect evindence. Power PC Keylogger is a Facebook use, email, chat, keyboard, password monitoring software. It secretly runs with system startup and records everything users do on the PC. This may include Facebook and social network sites visit, online

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Forum Poster V3 3.30: Forum Poster is a program that automaticallypost/reply  messages to forums.
Forum Poster V3 3.30

Invision Power Board V3.0.5 ( 4. Snitz Forums 2000 V3.4.07 ( 5. vBulletin V4.0.2 ( 6. Simple Machines Forum V1.1.11 ( 7. WoltLab Burning Board V3.1.2 ( 8. WowBB V1.7 ( 9. MyBB V1.4.11 ( Support image verification. Forum Poster automatically register a user with the username

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